Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mount Hawthorn Urban Chook Network - update and next events
The launch of our Urban Chook Network project went well and we are preparing for the next step developing our new network. Let's learn a bit more about chickens and visit some local chicken co-ops in Mt Hawthorn along Anzac Road, The Boulevards and Matlock Street. 

Please RSVP for our meetup event and come along on Saturday 21 February to get your map and workshop plan from 8:30am. The walk starts at 148 Anzac Road in Mt Hawthorn and  the first workshop kicks off at 9am. You will be provided with a co-op location map and the workshop schedule. Participants are expected to fill in a survey to explore their attitude towards chickens prior and after participating in the activities on the day.

The short walk is self-guided and done between workshops at your own pace. Workshops will be held at three locations: 148, 152 Anzac Road and 36 Matlock Street. Each of the locations has chickens

The workshops will cover following topics: 

Time Topic Presenter Location
9-9:20am What do happy chickens need? Dr Barb Frey, Veterinarian 152 Anzac Rd
9:30-9:50am Integrating chickens into your daily life. Kim Frankoviak 36 Matlock St
10-10:20am Statutory requirements, soil and selecting the right breed Irma Lachmund 148 Anzac Road
10:30-10:50am Feeding chickens and routine health care Dr Barb Frey, Veterinarian 152 Anzac Road
11-11:20am Housing chickens and building co-ops from recycled materials Kim Frankoviak 36 Matlock Street
11:30-11:50am Urban Chook Network - how does that work? Irma Lachmund 148 Anzac Rd presenters will remain at the workshop locations to answer other queries as required. These conversations will be integrated into the next talk. Additional information sessions might be offered on the day. You are welcome to bring your chickens along, but please leave your other pets at home.
This is a child friendly event.

Dr Barb Frey has developed resource sheets which are available on the day and will be made available for download after the event. This information covers the following topics:
  • Feeding your chooks and routing health care
  • Housing your chooks
  • Plants that are considered to be toxic for chickens
  • Where to get recycled materials and soil tested

During the morning light refreshments will be available at the workshop locations. The chicken owners will be present for a chat too.
Participants are encouraged to make a gold coin donation.

Participants have the opportunity to sign up for the Urban Chook Network on the day. The next network meeting is on Wednesday 25 February from 6:30 at the Joondanna Community Garden, for an informal pizza night and information exchange as well as the planning of further events. Please RSVP for this event here.

We thank the WA Waste Authority for supporting our project through the Waste Avoidance and Recovery Account.

More information and RSVP for people who don't want to go through Meet-up:  or ring Irma on 0466 640 455.